Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Early mornings

I may not be walking but the Camino is so often in my head. 

And on seeing this  it brought up memories of being on the Camino in the early mornings

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Five whole years ....

Just over a year ago we were back in logroño to retrace our steps on the Camino Frances for just one of the stages as far as Burgos. 

Just over two years ago we had just completed the Camino Ingles and the additional walk on to Finisterra. 

On this day three years ago I was on the camino Primitivo.  Having spent a cold and damp night in a lovely auberge this dog accompanied me as I set out that morning.

Four years ago we had just completed the Camino Portuguese and were enjoying a day's break in santiago. 

Five years ago I was with the Famous Camino Five as we arrived for our first stay in a big city  - Logroño
Back to where my story today started - life's rich circle. 

This year is the first year I am not walking and am missing it very much, but it is very alive within me and I know that I will be back out there again, especially as Jane and I are thinking of doing the first stage over the Pyrenees again next year. 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Porto & Betanzos 2011 / 2013

Still holding fast to my Camino memories.

Four years ago Jane, Sussi and I were on just starting out on the Camino Portuguese from Porto...

And then just two years ago we ( Jane, Kerri and me) were well on our way down the Camino Ingles-  Pontedeume to Betanzos, a short stretch of around 21kms. 

Such wonderful times, such great memories.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Remembering 'The Ingles'

Two years ago on this very day we were walking the Camino Ingles. A less oft travelled Camino and one of which we met fewer people, but nonetheless some wonderful new friends all the same.

ON the 18th June 2013 we started out in Ferrol, dead early in the morning, having found the first way- markers the day before.

Ah such memories, and how I wish we were walking this year too. This will be the first year I've not ventured onto one of the Caminos since 2010, but next year perhaps we'll hit the Pyrenees again....

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Burgos - party town

Our last night on the Camino was spent in a small apart-hotel in the centre of Burgos. We had decided that having walked somewhere around 140kms we deserved a little luxury and booked into the Maria Salome - at 55€ for the night it was good value and perfectly located just off the Plaza Mayor. Little did we know when I booked it on-line that it was owned by the same place as where we had our dinner in 2010 with Laila before she flew back to Sweden and we walked on. 

As we came into Burgos we realised that we had arrived during one of their big fietsas and the streets were packed with people going about their fiesta business. It gave the city an exciting and energizing atmosphere. 

Unfortunately as our bodies were still working to the Camino time-clock (awake at 5 bed by 9) we didn't manage to stay up that late to enjoy the full experience, but from what we did see Burgos was clearly a party city. 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

DAY SIX - Ages to Burgos

The sign as you come into Ages days let our town enchant you.  And oh boy can it!

Whilst wandering around town soaking up the energy I took a load of photos but when I tried to play them back later they had all got errors.  Not one of my photos of Ages after the sign has been saved successfully.  I'm guessing the town wants to keep its secrets. 
I had the best night's sleep on the Camino, this time,  in our funny old dormitory in the eaves of the pink house.  We even slept in till six!

Once again I wasn't keen to leave Ages and had heavy feet. Our morning starts are usually quite quick.  This morning we took it more slowly than ever before, my mind was constantly slipping back. 

Around nine we stopped for breakfast and first of all were joined by a friendly little dog who was more than happy to share my croissant, and actually ended up having more than me.  Then another couple, well 3, pilgrims joined us,  and as we got into conversion it turned out that one of them, Cue (Q) was living in Brighton! The others were from Cambridge (Anna, originally from the Ukraine) and Mississippi (John-Mark).

Arriving in Burgos we found our hotel (us a bit of luxury for our last night) and we were amazed that it was owned and run by the same place as where we ate in 2010 for Laila's last meal!

Burgos is currently in the middle of a summer fiesta and is very busy.  It is a beautiful city but a little overwhelming after being on the Camino for a few days.  I thought I would be keen to keep walking when we got here but have found that I am content to stop and am looking forward to going home. ...

Thursday, 3 July 2014

DAY FIVE - Belorado to Ages.

The start was a bit difficult this morning with a painful ankle. Then a voice said 'take it easy'.  I listened and changed into my sandals (yes with socks) and slowed my pace. The pain subsided and became more manageable allowing us to arrive here in Ages about an hour ago. 

The Walk between Belorado and here is spectacular.  Normally the views are breathtaking but today most of the way was shrouded in cloud.  So we couldn't see far ahead but what we could see and feel was awesome.  Energy fills this area of the Camino and my hands were tingling/vibrating as we walked through the woods and Meadows. 

We are in same albergue as 2010 which is fantastic.  My whole body is picking up on the energy here and I know that I will be recharged before we leave.  Feeling relaxed is an understatement.  I am so chilled I don't think anything could rile me.  This is such a wonderful feeling. 

There is a storm blowing around the mountains which is adding to the electric atmosphere.  If it comes this way I think we will be in for quite a show. 

Later I shall visit the church.  If you've read my book you'll know the why and wherefore of that.  If you haven't 'why not'?

Memories  and memories of memories are filling my head,  some from our last visit, others from who knows when.  But I know I've been he me than just the once.

Will I return again?  Let's see what I find in the church.