Wednesday, 25 June 2014


Been a bit preoccupied today due to the French Air Traffic Controllers strike, and how  it might affect Jane's arrival, and whether she will be able to join me after all.  And I'm sure we're not the only 'pilgrims' that are on tenterhooks concerned whether they will make it to the Camino this year or not. 

Do they seriously think that by disrupting travel across Europe that they will get the support of the public? So many people work for fifty weeks a year to get a couple in the sun only to have their flight cancelled because of them. Blood boiling!! A week of strikes- and always in the summer. 

Yes we notice what they are doing and their cause gets airtime, but who, in the long run are they hurting? - The government who are imposing cuts? - Nope. The man in the street - Yep  

'Take it easy' Tone advises 'Watch your blood pressure.' 

Anyway rant over, but I guess you can see now why I've been a little preoccupied today, and the annoying thing is we won't know whether Jane's flight will be cancelled until the very last minute - so chums cross your fingers and say your prayers that she'll make if safe and sound and our adventure will go ahead as planned, otherwise it could be a solo venture for me again. 

I've been watching the Easy-jet 'flight-tracker' page and although some of the delays from Gatwick to Barcelona have been substantial, there was only one out of six flights cancelled on that route today. I live in hope .... 

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